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From: Tom Deapen
Subject: Farmer Geoff Finds A Friend - Part 4Farmer Geoff could tell that his partner, Kevin, was restless. They had
been together a little over seven years now and he was scared of losing the
younger man.
Kevin knew that he had not been very attentive towards Geoff lately, but he
had an itch he could not scratch. He had been just a young twink when they
had met and he had never really had time to play the field . He wished that
could explain to Geoff that all he wanted was to have sex with another guy,
just once, and then he would be back to normal. But how could he tell Geoff
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without breaking his heart.
Fortunately Geoff knew the solution to the problem and one night, after a
good meal, he casually asked what Kevin thought about having a
threesome. Kevin felt his face flush. He was so excited by the prospect he
could hardly speak. He looked into his lover's eyes and saw this was not a
trap, that Geoff would not be offended if he expressed interest, so he told
Geoff he would like to try it at least once in his life.
Geoff told Kevin that if he was keen to try it then so was he. They went on
the internet right away and started looking to see if they could find a
suitable guy. Pretty soon they were communicating with another ls nude lolitas magazine
farmer who
lived about two hundred miles away. Dave was about five years older than
Kevin and seemed like a really nice guy so they invited him to come and
The big day came and Kevin was so horny and excited he could hardly contain
himself. Geoff felt a slight twinge of jealousy, but seeing Kevin so
sexually switched on again soon laid that to rest. The moment Dave stepped
out of the cab of his utility vehicle both men went on the charm
offensive. Because they shared the same livelihood it was easy for them to
get along and for a while thoughts of sex were put on the back burner.
But later that afternoon when Dave started asking Kevin and Geoff about
their relationship things started to heat up again. Talk soon turned to sex
and Geoff and Kevin watched Dave casually unbutton his shirt and reach in
to stroke his hairy chest. He looked up and smiled.'So, have I passed the test?' he asked.'Oh yes indeed!' Kevin replied as he went and knelt between the visitor's
Dave was good-looking in a rugged, New Zealand sheep farmer kind of way. He
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hair and naughty looking chocolate brown eyes, and a really sexy
smile that revealed his perfectly white and even teeth. He was fit from all
his outdoor work and now his beautiful body was laid bare under Kevin's
eager fingers. Seeing his lover strip Dave's clothes off, like he often
used to do when they first met, made Geoff very horny and he went and stood
behind Dave and started to stroke his hairy chest and tug on his large
brown nipples.
Dave's large, uncut cock started to rise up from between his legs and
twitch across his left thigh. As Kevin stroked his well developed thighs
the foreskin of his meaty member rode back to reveal a beautifully shaped
cock head. Dave sighed as Kevin greedily went down on him, alternating
kissing his cock crown with licking his big, furry nuts. Geoff stripped off
his clothes and let his hard dick lie on Dave's shoulder a second or two
before it was taken into his warm mouth. Any guilt Geoff though he might
feel at letting another man suck his cock was assuaged by seeing his young
lover greedily blowing Dave's rampant tool.
Dave got up and kneeled in the armchair, the better to blow Geoff. This
gave Kevin access to his shapely butt, that was creamy smooth and
pale. Kevin stroked up and down Dave's thighs and fondled his beefy nuts as
he buried his nose in Dave's shower clean crack and inhaled the scent of a
hardworking man. His tongue teased around Dave's pucker, making him come
off Geoff's cock and yelp when at last it made contact. Kevin rimmed Dave's
ass with the pictures 12yo lolita nude
skill borne out of years of practice but with the enthusiasm
derived from doing someone for the very first time.
When Dave had first locked eyes on the couple he had thought about slipping
his cock up Kevin's pert little ass, but now the way the young stud was
eating him out he felt he wanted to receive a dicking from him. When at
last he felt Kevin starting to apply lube to his ass Dave pushed back
enthusiastically. Kevin teased Dave with his fingers for a good ten minutes
before pushing his super hard dick up his chute. Dave came off Geoff's cock
and groaned as he received the rod of pleasure. Geoff kneeled behind the
chair so that his face was now level with Dave, whose eyes were closed and
who had ecstasy written all over his face. He asked Dave if it felt good
and in reply Dave pulled Geoff into a kiss.
Geoff could sense the horniness and passion in Dave through his kisses. And
this was all Kevin's doing. He felt really proud of his stud muffin
lover. When at last Dave broke off the kiss Geoff looked across at his
lover. His eyes were closed and there was a look of great concentration on
his face as he stroked into Geoff's ass. Geoff knew that Kevin would not
last long, all the tell tale signs were there. Soon he started to make that
little sound he made when he darklola pics naked kids was about to cum and then he grunted out loud
as shot his bolt. Wave after wave of intense pleasure washed over Kevin
triggered by each spurt of creamy spunk.
As soon as Kevin withdrew Geoff took his place in Dave's cum slicked
alleyway. It was like sliding into warm, liquid silk. Dave sighed as his
pleasure was restored to him and Geoff expertly pounded his ass like he
demanded. Kevin cupped a hand around his lover's beefy butt and watched him
withdraw his fat cock all the way out of Dave's slut hole until it puckered
and winked and then drive it all the way back in. Dave was completely gone
now, his hand working his own beefy cock as he thrust his ass back against
Geoff's invading weapon.
Kevin lubed up his thumb and thrust it up Geoff's ass causing the older man
to cry out as his balls shot forth a mighty gush of man juice. His assring
spasmed around the invading thumb and he was free pics nude lolita
left weak in the knees by the
intensity of his orgasm. Hearing Geoff's cry of excitement took Dave over
the edge and he groaned out his release as his cock exploded in his hand,
blasting his potent man goo into the fabric of the chair.
When all three men had come down from their high they cleaned up and went
out for a walk on the farm. Thye couldn't keep their hands off of each
other and every hundred yards or so had to stop for another kiss or quick
grope of ass. Somehow they all knew that this was going to be a very
rewarding friendship.
Copyright 2005 Tom Deapen

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